At next week’s iGaming North America, James King will continue training towards the ultimate running challenge – the Marathon de Sables (MDS).  The MDS is a grueling 6-day, 150-mile marathon across the Sahara desert and while we think he may be a bit mental for undertaking something so brutal, we applaud him for his determination and for doing it all for charity.  AliQuantum has sponsored James’ endeavor to raise money for Mencap and we hope you’ll join us in helping him reach his charitable goal by giving anything you can or by sharing this message.  And you can join James in his training next week in Las Vegas! Starting Sunday, April 3rd, James will be running 50 miles in 5 days and he’d like you to join him!  Like the saying goes, “Misery loves company” and James is no different – except he enjoys running and is looking for people of all skill levels that share that passion to join him.  Like his MDS Facebook page and post to it that you’re interested for more details.